Regardless of how you use your dog, you will need a leash and collar. As a hunter, I want something that is strong, durable, and can be seen in low visibility. While I am training my dog, I want something that can stay with the dog as our training advances. These products need to be multifunctional, so I’m not constantly purchasing new leashes and collars. Enter the Chain Reaction collar and Slackline leash from Ruffwear. As mentioned in the Bivy Bowls article, “Best Dog Bowls for Camping,”, Ruffwear is a company that specializes in outdoor gear for your dog.

I would consider Ruffwear’s Chain Reaction a hybrid collar. They’ve combined a traditional Nylon-type collar and a choke-chain into a single unit. Ruffwear uses a process they’ve named Tubelock in the construction of their webbing. It makes the collar have a softer feel than traditional nylon-type collars and does so without sacrificing strength. Tubelock gives Ruffwear more creativity in their designs, even adding low-light visibility features (reflective).

With the hybrid design, the Chain Reaction can be used for conditioning, lease control, or as a standard collar. It should be noted, the cinch design is limited compared to a full on choke chain. If you are worried about hurting your dog, don’t be. There is also a single-point V-ring integrated into the webbing on the collar so it can be used without any cinch actions. Finally, any hunter will appreciate the silicone tag silencer to keep the dog tags quite as you move through woods or fields.

A Leash & Collar That Improves Dog Training
Ruffwear’s Chain Reaction collar (Size Small).

Chain Reaction Collar — MSRP: $24.95


Small                     11-14 in (28-36 cm)

Medium               14-20 in (36-51 cm)

Large                     20-26 in (51-66 cm)