After much celebration over Ukrainian’s first-ever export last week, the Razoni (cargo ship with Ukrainian grain) is now being sent back or temporarily redirected to a different port because the shipment was not delivered on time.

Last Sunday, tracking on the Razoni already noted how the ship would be delayed. According to the Ukrainian embassy in Lebanon, the Razoni left Odesa and traveled through the Black Sea on Aug. 1, carrying 26 527 tonnes of corn, and was expected to arrive at a Lebanese port in Tripoli.

A Lebanese cabinet member also confirmed the delay. Though the reason for the delay was not explicitly reported, Marine Traffic monitored Razoni’s route and saw that it’s been flagged around Sierra Leone at anchor “in the Mediterranean Sea near Turkey.”

The shipment was supposed to be the “saving grace” for Lebanon, especially since the country’s experiencing a food crisis. Food inflation in Lebanon has reached new heights these past months, with consumers complaining about the rise of long lines in bread shops and wheat prices.