Earlier this week, Leonardo, a leading global aerospace and defense company, clinched a new contract worth $134 million to supply the United States Army with cutting-edge next-generation thermal weapon sights.

Under the Family of Weapon Sights – Individual (FWS-I) IDIQ contract, these devices are poised to revolutionize soldiers’ capabilities in acquiring targets swiftly, particularly in challenging low-light environments.

Enhancing Soldier Effectiveness

Leonardo’s next-generation thermal weapon sights play a crucial role in enhancing soldiers’ rapid target acquisition capabilities, especially during military operations with low-light conditions where the ability to swiftly identify and engage targets is paramount.

This advanced thermal weapon—stand-alone, clip-on weapon— sights provides a technological edge, ensuring that soldiers can operate effectively and maintain a tactical advantage even in adverse environmental conditions.

One of the notable features of these thermal weapon sights is their wireless connectivity, allowing seamless integration with existing helmet-mounted vision systems.