I’m a nut for trying out new optics: I’m constantly buying and borrowing various aiming devices to fulfill a darwinian selection process atop my rifles.  In this never-ending journey, I came across a Leupold LCO and couldn’t wait to take a crack at it.  On paper, the LCO (Leupold Carbine Optic) is a technological wonder.  Boasting a 5 year battery life on a CR123a battery, 1 MOA dot, motion sensor and rugged aluminum body, the LCO’s features list has a “whats what” of options.  The body is big enough for a huge viewing window but is still surprisingly light.  The dot is very crisp and with 16 brightness settings to choose from, always having the right option available.  The distinctive shape makes it feel like a cross between an Aimpoint Comp M and an Eotech, combining the best of both.  .5 moa clicks are the adjustments available and feel solid.

Leupold LCO | Quick Look
Range day with the LCO. Photo by Flint Traeger.

During hands-on time, I noticed the LCO is a real quality made product.  As with all Leupold products, this means you’ll pay a premium price up front but have a lifetime of support. The brightness control knob is well placed and the LCO will remember your brightness setting when off.  The “leupy” zeroed easy and has held tight between shooting sessions.  I have to mention again: despite looking like a mid-to-large red dot, this thing really feels light.  The scale says 9.5oz but even that feels high.  The large field-of-view means that even when firing higher recoiling rounds or rapid strings of fire, the dot stays visible at all times.  This isn’t always true with red dot sights that have smaller housings.

Leupold LCO | Quick Look
Connect the dots. Photo by Rex Nanorum

The LCO will stay on until 1 year after the presidential election we’re about to vote on is over.  Leupold says it will hold zero, stay fog-proof and keep kickin’ ass long after that time and they’re willing to put their money on the line to back that up.  MSRP is $1299 but street price is under $1K at Midway USA.  With a lifetime gold ring warranty, the juice is worth the squeeze.