To be completely honest – I would not have gone out and bought all of these mounts for my Lifeproof case on my own, but, now that I have them I can’t live without them. Well I could live, but you know… I dig them.

The reason I dig them? Because I can quickly and easily clip my phone into them wherever I am no matter what I’m doing.

On my bag – The Belt Clip

Any bag with a “MOLLE” type system, or any other strap for that matter, will allow you to quickly clip the belt mount onto it. I use this one with my MACTAC backpack all of the time. That particular bag has MOLLE straps stitched into the shoulder straps so I clip it right up front. It’s a great position for it as it allows me to quickly do a map check or even capture some realtime video.

I’m not of those guys who has to check my phone every 30 seconds like an obsessive teenager so I’ll often leave it on this belt clip attached to one of my bags.