To be completely honest – I would not have gone out and bought all of these mounts for my Lifeproof case on my own, but, now that I have them I can’t live without them. Well I could live, but you know… I dig them.

The reason I dig them? Because I can quickly and easily clip my phone into them wherever I am no matter what I’m doing.

On my bag – The Belt Clip

Any bag with a “MOLLE” type system, or any other strap for that matter, will allow you to quickly clip the belt mount onto it. I use this one with my MACTAC backpack all of the time. That particular bag has MOLLE straps stitched into the shoulder straps so I clip it right up front. It’s a great position for it as it allows me to quickly do a map check or even capture some realtime video.

I’m not of those guys who has to check my phone every 30 seconds like an obsessive teenager so I’ll often leave it on this belt clip attached to one of my bags.

** Human Performance Note** Most people are unaware of how much of their brain’s capacity they burn up during their day. Responding to every text, every phone call the moment they come in is not good for you. Get that phone away from you, clip it to your bag, and let your brain focus on something else.

In the below shot I’m using the same belt mount to fasten it to my mini patrol bag.


On the run – The Arm Band

When I first got this band I thought it was a little to bulky, which it is, but because of how easy it is to access my phone while running I use it everyday. For years I’ve used a traditional arm band, but I hated having to take the entire band off to access my phone. Each one of the Lifeproof mounts has an easy clip-in feature making it very quick and easy to pull your phone out.

I’ve also found myself strapping this band on when I paddle surf so that I can listen to music. I don’t use the headphones, I just let it play through the speakers.

**Safety Warning** This band does tend to give me some mild chaffing. At some point I’m going to figure out how to adjust is so this doesn’t happen.


Off roading – The Suction Cup Car Mount

As a Sniper instructor I spent a ton of time driving off road with my Toyota 4-runner. I’ve since moved up into a full size Tundra and love to take it off road. Lifeproof’s car mount fit perfectly just below my 4X4 switch and keeps the phone right at my finger tips keeping it handy to work the phones GPS and toggle through my Pandora stations.


On the bike – The Handlebar Mount

I use the same mapping app for biking as I do for off roading. The bar mount is perfect to keep my location, speed and distance right in front of me. I’ve had many a bike ride go from 10 miles to 20 miles by missing a trailhead. The mount comes with multiple “Mounting Straps” making it easy to find a good snug fit.

Random Story: One time I was mountain biking with my buddies and we got to this critical downhill section. They got to the bottom, stopped and called out to me. “Hey don’t go left!”. Well anyone who knows anything about mental management knows that what rang through my brain was “go left”. So I proceeded down the section starring right at the spot I didn’t want to go. Ass over teakettle and through the woods I went. When I got back to my feet there was a twig so firmly impaled into my chin bone it took me three tugs to get it out. I had no idea a twig was strong enough to get stuck within your chin bone.


Here’s the goods: 

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