Ligado Networks, formerly called LightSquared, is a satellite and communications company contracted by the Department of Defense for its 5G upgrade project. However, after the analysis done by the National Academies of Sciences, sponsored by the DoD, it was found that Ligado’s services will interfere with all US satellites within 2,410 feet of their terminals.

In June of last year, Ligado Networks announced that they had partnered with Saankhya Labs to develop next-gen satellite communication solutions. Saankhya Labs specializes in 5G NR, broadband, and satellite communication applications. The partnership is geared towards providing enterprise solutions to global companies and the US military.

“It is worth noting that both Saankhya Labs and Ligado Networks have deployed standards-based technologies so that satellite broadcast services can also be enabled in inexpensive and mainstream devices,” according to their announcement.

The late Chief Technology Officer of Ligado, Maqbool Aliani, said the 5G private network services development has become a top priority for them because “ubiquitous satellite and terrestrial connectivity is very important for its enterprise customers.” As SOFREP previously covered, 5G will have many applications not only in the commercial and private sectors but also in the military.