With a flooded AR-15 market it’s easy to ignore models that have been out there for a while, and even easier to ignore them if they haven’t been recently seen on a magazine cover cradled by some full-sleeve-tattooed gym rat with a perfectly-groomed operator beard.  Add to that the increasingly affordable options for home builds and you may have found yourself skipping over factory guns entirely.  Meanwhile there are some rifles you may not be familiar with simply because the owners of them are hoping others won’t catch on to the gems they’ve found.  The Midnight Dragon by DoubleStar may just be one of those gems.  If you’re only interested in the end results watch our shooting impressions video to see how the rifle performed with various factory loads:


Ergo Tactical Deluxe Grip, Winter Trigger Guard, and 2-Stage Trigger

Packed with features usually reserved for custom builds, the Midnight Dragon is a purpose-built precision rifle for those looking to maximize the accuracy potential of the AR-15 platform without taking out a second mortgage.  Before you start piecing together a build that might let you save a couple bucks in the short run, ask yourself if that build will be covered by a limited lifetime warranty.  The answer to that question is one of the reasons I considered the Midnight Dragon.  The MSRP is $1,114.55 and online prices hover around a grand.  Let’s take a look at what you get for that money.  Direct from the DoubleStar website: