With the ever advancing march of machining technology bringing us lighter and stronger parts made from exotic materials, it has been recently popular for writers to detail their efforts to construct a lightweight AR-15.  All of these AR build articles start with a mission statement; some aiming for a sub-4 lb rifle, some for a certain weight within a certain budget.

My goal is simple: Constructing a lightweight AR rifle that is under 6 lbs-with suppressor and optic-without sacrificing durability or reliability for weight.  I want this to be a fantastically tough field rifle, just one that’s more suited for a scout rather than a fixed support-by-fire position.  There are parts out there that are lighter and there are parts out there that are cheaper.  While I’m not averse to using premium cost parts that are full-strength, if there is a cheaper option I feel has the same impervious nature, then I’ll use it.  This build will place emphasis on parts I’ve used in reviews before (I already have them on hand).

So without further ado, below is what I have put into the lower receiver thus far, sorted by manufacturer.

Mission First Tactical: