Doctors don’t care about gun fashion or caliber wars on the Internet. They deal in science. Spoiler alert: Handgun caliber is largely irrelevant

Below is a video of a doctor teaching other doctors and prehospital care providers about gunshot wounds in humans. Want to know about caliber and shot placement? Here you go. Doctors know a few things about gunshot wounds, and this guy wants to share.

Warning: Graphic human-on-human violence, blood, and gore. Potentially confusing medical terms in a foreign accent.

And in regards to the efficacy of gunshot wounds incapacitating the human body, the image below has been floating around the Internet for years. Thank you Plain Dealer Reporter for the explanation (below).


Police bullet bounces off skull of murder suspect Daniel Tice

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Michael Sangiacomo
Plain Dealer Reporter

Lakemore- Police Chief Kenneth Ray said he never would have believed it if he hadn’t seen it: A murder suspect was shot in the head by police, and the bullet bounced off the man’s skull.

That considered, 32-year-old Daniel Tice was lucky to be in a hospital room Friday. But he still must face charges stemming from a seven-hour standoff Thursday night in which his estranged wife was killed.

Brandi Tice, 28, was found dead in the first-floor living room when local police and the Metro SWAT unit stormed the home. Officers from the tiny community south of Akron had come to the house about 3:30 p.m. after receiving reports of a domestic disturbance.

Tice was holding his 4-year-old son, Noah, hostage in the basement late Thursday night when officers confronted him. They first shot Tice with a beanbag to subdue him, but he shrugged it off. When Tice reached toward his rifle, police fired a shot at his head, Ray said.

“The bullet bounced right off his skull,” Ray said. “It was like we were dealing with a superhuman here. Although the shot stunned him enough to surrender.”

Noah was unhurt. Police had intercepted the Tices’ two other children, who had got off a school bus and were on their way to the house.

This was not the first encounter between Lakemore police and Tice.

“We’ve dealt with him before,” said Ray. “He has some mental issues and he’s such a big guy – 6-feet-2-inches tall and 280 pounds – and such a strong guy, that when police fired the beanbag at him, it did not even faze him. That’s when the shot was fired.”

The bullet cut Tice’s skin but did not penetrate the skull, Ray said.

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