We have recently begun a ‘Loadout Room Approved‘ series of articles where we recommend specific gear for you to purchase and use. We test and evaluate quite a bit of gear, clothing, firearms and firearms accessories. Our goal with this series is to sift through all those articles and give to you what we actually use and recommend. Our past two articles covered EDC Bags and EDC Knives. In this installment we are going to cover Knife Sharpeners. Many of you own, carry and use knives on a daily basis. Keeping your knife maintained and sharp is critical.

Lansky Sharpening Paddle

Loadout Room Approved Knife Sharpeners

The Lansky Sharpening Paddle is one of the most efficient sharpening paddles on the market. Efficient is both its effectiveness and its size. It’s a folding device that functions a lot like a Balisong. It folds into its handles for easy carry and storage. The folding nature also protects the sharpening paddle from being damaged or chipped when carried. It’s a dual side device that packs in a coarse and fine side for easy sharpening. It’s nice and easy to carry via bag, belt pouch, or even on a plate carrier. It fits an SMG pouch too!