For home protection of competition, there are times when one magazine just isn’t enough. Lone Wolf is making Aluminum Couplers for Glock Magazines that are a perfect match for their Glock pistol magazine ARs.

I have had a Lone Wolf G9 since they first came out.  I have put north of 30.000 rounds through it with a 9mm and .40 cal uppers.  I have used it in NRA Tactical Police Competition and Pistol Caliber carbine matches.  I have used magazine couplers in it successfully, but I have learned the hard way that while side by side magazines put a lot of ammo in your gun fast, if the couplers are not quality, they cause problems.

The Lone Wolf Couplers are new, I have only seen the press release, but if they are anything like the other Lone Wolf Products I have used, they are first rate,