The Lum-Tec M59 GMT watch is a limited edition run of only 200 pieces, which make it an ever cooler timepiece to get your hands on. I’ve been eyeing Lum-Tec for some time now and finally took the step to purchase one. My choice was the M59 GMT. I liked both the looks of the GMT as well as the ability to track a secondary time zone. This comes in handy if you travel. I always hate having to adjust the time on my watch when traveling between time zones. It’s nice be able to look down at my watch and know what time it is at home as well as the local time where I’m located.

Another cool fun fact I learned as I was reading up on Lum-Tec is that they are located in Mentor, Ohio. That is only a 30 minute drive from where I live! Not only is it cool to deal with US-based companies, but to have it in my backyard was an added perk for me. Lum-Tec is extremely easy to deal with and talk to over the phone. After I had placed my order for the M59 GMT, it wasn’t more than 30 minutes that I had a phone call from the sales department. They noticed I was local and asked if I wanted to pick the watch up at their facility or still have it shipped. They also asked if I was military or law enforcement as they offer a discount for both. I informed them that I was a Marine Corps veteran and they edited my order on the spot to give me the discounted price. I never once asked for a discount; they had the common courtesy to ask and then adjust my order accordingly. How many companies out there offer that type of customer service?

So my order was placed and I had the watch 2 days later. The watch does come packaged very nicely with 3 total bands, a certificate of authenticity, user guide and Lum-Tec patch.

Lum-Tec M59 GMT | Traverse the World in Style

Having the option to switch out the bands is an added bonus. The watch comes with a genuine leather strap. I will be switching out the leather strap for the custom molded rubber strap soon when I hit the sand and surf in late July.

Lum-Tec M59 GMT | Traverse the World in Style

The ‘Lum’ that the watch emits at night is pretty amazing. It is very easy to determine the time in low light and total darkness.

Lum-Tec M59 GMT | Traverse the World in Style

Be sure to checkout the Lum-Tec website as well as their Facebook page and Instagram page.

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