SDS Imports saved us from the import ban on popular Saiga and VEPR 12ga Ak shotguns with their Cheetah 12.  The Cheetah 12 has many features that some consider improvements over the traditional AK design and yet not everyone was satisfied.  What about the classic AK safety, Scope rail, and most importantly that tang ta-tang tang-tang for AK buttstocks?

Your cries for an option were heard.  SDS Imports has once again saved the AK enthusiast and with a rather special way.  Remember the desireable Type 56 AK’s?  That’s the same factory now producing for SDS Imports.  With over 40 years of AK-building experience behind them the Lynx 12 is built using a 1.5mm thick receiver and with a hammer-forged bolt and trunion.  Add to that a chrome-lined barrel and four-position gas system and the Lynx 12 leaves little to be desired.

Yes, it runs on widely-available Saiga 12 magazines.  So what does such a well-equipped AK shotgun cost?  SDS Imports says to expect a street price around $500.  That’s less than half what I paid for my VEPR 12 back in 2011.