Supertool provides patented transport solutions which use magnetic forces to provide security and ready access when needed. Firearms are expensive, which means the manner in which you store and transport them should be
taken seriously.

While many gun cases may claim to protect your pistols, none do it quite as expertly as Supertool’s Magnetic Locking Case. Featuring the state-of-the-art, magnetic MAGLOCK™ liner system and integrated locking zipper, this case not only locks but also forms around your handgun and magazines to create a vacuum-like seal, inhibiting movement and preventing

With your gear secured, this case yields the protective benefits of a hardshell with the light
weight and portability of a soft case. Not only does their case provide hi-caliber protection but it also completely eliminates your handgun’s “footprint”, providing superior concealed carry benefits. Combine this case’s features with an integrated locking zipper and you have a 50 state travel and storage compliant means to transport.

From the Supertool’s Founder & CEO George Huyke-Phillips, “We initially set out to design a case that would be travel compliant in all 50 states without a CCW. We took a look at the worst states with the worst gun laws and adapted features to comply with all 50 states’ regulations. We integrated a locking zipper with an enclosed magnetized device that properly separates the magazine if desired. The case also provides endless flexibility for internal configuration to US states that honor our right to keep and bear arms.”
Supertool also designs and manufactures unique rifle parts & tools.
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This article is courtesy of Mark Miller from The Arms Guide.