Tanveer Ahmed said he had been offended by clips the shopkeeper had uploaded online.

A Muslim taxi driver has been jailed for at least 27 years for murdering a shopkeeper who he believed had “disrespected Islam”.

Tanveer Ahmed, 32, traveled from Bradford, Yorkshire to Glasgow to confront Asad Shah at his newsagents shop before stabbing the 40-year-old to death with a knife.

Ahmed, who was not acquainted with Mr. Shah, said he had been offended by clips the shopkeeper had uploaded online, which he claimed “disrespected the Prophet Mohammed”.

The father of three from Yorkshire was handed a life sentence at the High Court in Glasgow after admitting to the murder in Glasgow’s Shawlands area on 24 March.

Ahmed watched one of Mr. Shah’s clips on his phone as he traveled to Glasgow on the day of the murder.

He was heard in a phone message saying: “Listen to this guy, something needs to be done, it needs to be nipped in the bud”.

Ahmed said he warned the shopkeeper he would kill him and asked him to stop claiming to be a prophet upon arriving at the shop.

Mr. Shah’s brother and a shop assistant attempted to stop Ahmed as he began to attack him.

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Featured Image – Asad Shah was well-known in his community, with thousands turning out for a vigil in his honor PA – The Independent