I’m a Scorpion nut. I’ve owned both the rifle and pistol variants of the weapon and absolutely love it as my primary pistol caliber carbine. One of the weak points was the magazines. The polymer feed lips broke quite often in some of the earlier sets of magazines. This problem has long been fixed with CZ’s magazines but metal feed lips will always outclass polymer. (At least for now.)  Manticore is going to be releasing their Scorpion mags and they will be outfitted with lovely metal feed lips.

Scorpion mags
Steel feed lips

Scorpion Mags

Like traditional CZ Scorpion mags, they are translucent and mostly made from polymer. Unlike CZ’s Scorpion mags they have metal feed lips and fit 32 rounds instead of 30. This gives you an extra double tap when you need it most Manticore arms is pretty well known for making good gear and I’ve never heard anything wrong about Sven and his company.

The Old Scorpion magazine

I’m a major fan of Lancer magazines and these seem like the CZ variant of Lancer magazines. I really can’t wait for these to hit the market. These are made for Manticore, but will be hitting Prepper Gun shop and sold through them. They will be clear and smoke as well. They’ll be available by the end of first quarter 2017.


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This article is courtesy of Travis Pike from The Arms Guide.