As Secretary of State Rex Tillerson cut a sharp swath through the region this week — doubling down on charges that Pakistan is sheltering militants, warmly embracing its archrival India and sympathizing with officials in war-torn Afghanistan — some Pakistani officials have reacted with outrage and anger.

But Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi seems to be taking a longer, cooler view. While others were calling Tillerson’s tour a slap in the face, Abbasi said in an interview Thursday that his four-hour visit for high-level talks here Tuesday helped the U.S. official “appreciate our point of view.”

Relations between the longtime allies have reached a historic low point in recent months. With the Afghan war dragging on, the Trump administration has accused Pakistan of harboring anti-Afghan militias and threatened serious reprisals if it continues. Pakistan has denied the charges while blaming Afghanistan and India as threats to its security.


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Featured image of SECSTATE Tillerson and Indian PM Narendra Modi courtesy of Wikipedia