A Marine veteran turned journalist has been recalled from Iraq after tweeting a picture showing him shooting at ISIS fighters.

On Thursday, Jason Buttrill tweeted a picture of him with a sniper rifle along with the the message: “Major bucket list completed. Shoot at #ISIS ? Check!”

Buttrill also tweeted that he fired six shots at the enemy.  “ISIS looked like ants on that scope, but…my USMC PMI [primary marksmanship instructor] was exceptional.”

The Blaze initially wrote a story extolling Buttrill for taking part in the action, but they issued a statement on Friday that his actions were unacceptable.

“Jason Buttrill is a valued researcher for Mercury Radio Arts for a television show that airs on TheBlaze network,” the statement says. “Given his military and security background, Mr. Buttrill was offered the opportunity for an important research assignment in Iraq. Due to his conduct, Mercury Radio Arts has recalled him back to the US. He has been suspended from further field research assignments.”

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Image courtesy of Twitter/@JasonButtrill