I want to introduce and welcome Michael Golembesky to the MARSOC SOFREP team. Michael is a former JTAC with 2d MSOB and has a kick-ass book coming out about his time with MARSOC in Afghanistan, Level Zero Heroes. [divider] USSOCOM – SOF Truth #3 “Their quality is more important than quantities”Your Special Ops Team just got ambushed in a remote village deep inside of Afghanistan and there is a MQ-1 Predator drone providing close air support overhead. While the rest of your team is engaging the enemy with small arms, your head is buried in a map or video feed with your ear glued to the handset. Your body is telling you to drop everything and fire your weapon but your training keeps you on task with providing CAS to your team in a pinch.

SSgt Michael Golembesky

Excerpt from Level Zero Heroes – Chapter 2: Hero Recovery

It was dark and a small piece of the river could be seen through the front windshield. The vehicle came to a stop and Floyd popped the airbrakes. “This is it, go ahead and dismount”, Andy our team leader said over the radio.

Jamie began scanning across the river with the thermals on the remote-gun. Pat dismounted out of the back and linked up with George and Mark from the other MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) to get the Afghan Soldiers into a security posture.