Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) is a modern science based edged-weapon system designed to provide it’s practitioners with a court defensible means of self-defense using low profile tools legal in all jurisdictions. That is a big mission statement, but Michael Janich delivers.

Janich was a Soldier and an intelligence officer with DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). He is a talented instructor across several arts, featured on the cover of Black Belt magazine in September of 2009. Janich has designed knives for Spyderco, the Masters of Defense knife company, as well as custom knife makers Mike Snody, Wally Hayes, Brent Beshara, and Mickey Yurco, and Combat Elite. His designs include the “Tempest,” “Yojimbo,” and “Yojimbo2” tactical folders and the “Ronin” and “Kalista” fixed blades. He has become a major internet figure with dozens of informative and highly regarded videos.

His story begins thirty-five years ago. As a frustrated martial arts student, Janich found the knife defenses he was being taught contrived and unworkable. A wise sensei gave him advise which would change his life: “If you want to learn how to defend against a weapon, first learn how to use that weapon.”

Janich spent years studying and practicing eskrima, arnis, and kali. His curiosity led to hundreds of hours of analysis and experimentation. Many of the techniques he was learning used impractical weapons from another age and tactics designed to fight conquistadors in an unconstrained guerrilla fight for survival. Defending oneself with 50 cuts, slashing the neck and disemboweling, attackers sent a message to oppressive occupiers.

To a responding police officer and crime scene investigators, these same tactics can make a legal justified act of self-defense look like a vicious knife murder. After a comprehensive study of technique, knife carry laws and self-defense law, Janich has produced a workable, comprehensive self-defense system: Martial Blade Concepts (MBC).

The MBC curriculum includes a broad range of skills to keep you out of trouble. Unarmed defenses against knives, empty-hand tactics, the use of improvised weapons, and firearms are integrated with situational awareness, avoidance, and de-escalation to provide a complete and adaptable approach to personal protection.

At the pointy end, MBC tactics focus on reasonable and necessary responses to attacks by sophisticated biomechanical targeting, with small, legal-to-carry knives. Street experiences and experts in the field of tactical medicine have validated the system’s “stopping power”—the ability to immediately and decisively stop an assailant from continuing his attack. The legal concept of proportionality defends a victim who stops an attack without unnecessary use of force.