If you have ever drank Whiskey you know that its better chilled but you also know that putting ice in your drink will dilute your treat. They do offer things called whiskey stones that are like small rocks that you keep in the freezer and can drop in you drink accordingly to make it colder than room temperature.

Martin Designs Whiskey Chillers | Chill Without Diluting Your Drink

Now Martin Designs offers a twist to the Whiskey stones called Whiskey Chillers. It uses the same idea as the stones but it is made out of metal and formed in the shape of a bullet. The size is roughly the size of a 7.62, maybe a smidge larger. The shots will be left in the freezer and when ready you can drop 1 or 2 in the liquor of your choice to make it a little more enjoyable.

The metal shots compared to the old style stones stay colder longer and have a smoother surface so they are a little easier to clean. Additionally, they add no weird foreign taste like the stones sometimes do.

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Courtesy of Crate Club Knowledgbase