Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had an interesting answer when asked why he continues to serve under President Donald Trump, who has at times made major policy changes without even talking to him about it.

Trump’s behavior has led some to quit advising his administration, like the various business leaders who left after the president’s comments on Charlottesville. But that’s not Mattis.

Kevin Baron, the executive editor at Defense One, asked Mattis on Thursday why he doesn’t quit, and why he serves. Here’s what he told him:

“You know, when a president of the United States asks you to do something — I don’t think it’s an old-fashioned school — I don’t think it’s old fashioned or anything. I don’t care if it’s a Republican or Democrat, we all have an obligation to serve. That’s all there is to it. And so, you serve.”

Featured image courtesy of the DoD.

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