MRE’s are the pinnacle of “ready when you are” grub for the door kicker on the move.  After decades of refinement, we’re finally at a place where the food in the brown bag rivals that of what you’d find in a chow hall (Maybe not an Air Force chow hall, but the rest of ’em for sure).  Meal Kit Supply is offering up the best-of-the-best.

Available in two sizes, you can get your MRE’s in either the “two course” or “three course” variety.  The difference between the two is a side dish and a few smaller items, which puts the three course about 600 calories higher in a head-to-head comparison.  Both come in a lightweight and ruggedized packaging, but the three course sticks with the drab brown colored bag while the two course arrives in a brighter white and red bag.

Meal Kit Supply | An Army And It's Stomach

Shelf life on these is advertised at 5 years, but those who’ve dealt in MRE’s before know that’s a pretty conservative number.  My brother (USMC) and I have cracked some MRE’s that were over eight years old and all was well.  My wife and I took a few out that were past 13 years old with poor storage conditions and finally a few items had gone questionable.  If you store these things in the right conditions, five years is a breeze for the sealed retort packaging.