MRE’s are the pinnacle of “ready when you are” grub for the door kicker on the move.  After decades of refinement, we’re finally at a place where the food in the brown bag rivals that of what you’d find in a chow hall (Maybe not an Air Force chow hall, but the rest of ’em for sure).  Meal Kit Supply is offering up the best-of-the-best.

Available in two sizes, you can get your MRE’s in either the “two course” or “three course” variety.  The difference between the two is a side dish and a few smaller items, which puts the three course about 600 calories higher in a head-to-head comparison.  Both come in a lightweight and ruggedized packaging, but the three course sticks with the drab brown colored bag while the two course arrives in a brighter white and red bag.

Meal Kit Supply | An Army And It's Stomach

Shelf life on these is advertised at 5 years, but those who’ve dealt in MRE’s before know that’s a pretty conservative number.  My brother (USMC) and I have cracked some MRE’s that were over eight years old and all was well.  My wife and I took a few out that were past 13 years old with poor storage conditions and finally a few items had gone questionable.  If you store these things in the right conditions, five years is a breeze for the sealed retort packaging.

I’m finding more and more why I like having MRE’s around for civilian life.  When you eat MRE’s daily for months on end they may not satisfy, but if you want to go on a quick hike or an impromptu camping trip with little preparation then having some of these on hand can get you out the door much faster.  The best use I’ve had for these though is a little piece of mind.  There are a couple in the back of our family car in case of a breakdown and a box in the garage in case of an extended power outage.  You don’t have to be preparing for the end of society to recognize that an earthquake, storm or damage to a major interstate highway could disrupt the natural flow of our edibles in a hurry.

Meal Kit Supply | An Army And It's Stomach

Plus, they’re actually good now.  The pre-2001 MRE’s were a bit stiff, like eating chunky, cheap whiskey from a sack.  The War on Terror has seen troops spending extended amounts of time eating rations without end, so the improvement programs have just kept coming up with ways to spruce up the US military’s nutrition delivery bundle.

MRE’s are the best all-around, shelf-stable food the Armed Forces have had.  Meal Kit Supply is offering them up to you, whether you’re taking them camping, hunting, travelling or keeping them on hand for an emergency.  Newly manufactured MRE’s run for $44.95 (case of six, two-course) or $129.95 (case of twelve, three-course).  Check them out!

Meal Kit Supply | An Army And It's Stomach

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