Previous to my last FTX (field training exercise), I discovered my civy gloves were pretty much toast and there was no way I’d be using my issued combat gloves. I had to find something quick. I knew I could get some Mechanix at local hardware store, but previous experience found the models I chose were flimsy and sometimes pricey. I was on a tight schedule and couldn’t visit the local tac store, so the Canadian Tire would have to do. I came across the Mechanix CG IMPACT PRO. Upon first look and wear, I knew these would be gloves I could use for a long time before they would rip or break.

Right away you can see that they are built differently than most Mechanix and are made with extensive use of genuine leather. The palm is layered with leather over a suede construction in high wear areas. They also added some amount of padding in between the leather and suede for comfort. Mechanix also made sure another critical part that is prone to wear and tear, the fingertip region, is protected with the same wear resistant leather as the palm. On top of the other features, they use a machine washable leather which is great for anyone making extensive use of their gloves in wet and dirty environments.

The upper part is made out of their TekDry material for a good airflow over the top of your hand. As the name implies, the CG IP are made with impacts in mind. Although some would argue that the said impacts would be shop related, they do just as good of a job for a soldier. With that said, Mechanix used their TPR rubber for the impact protection rather than going for hard knuckles like other companies. This gives the gloves a better impact coverage while staying flexible enough to retain great dexterity.

Mecanix CG Impact