A Memphis police officer was assaulted while investigating the shooting of two teens, records show.

A woman was arrested after she allegedly attacked Memphis Police officers while investigating the shooting of two teenagers, 16 and 17 years of age.

“At 3:15 pm, officers responded to a shooting at Getwell Rd and Cochese. Two victims were located and transported to LeBonhuer, one critical and one non-critical. One individual is detained. This is an ongoing investigation.”

One patient was transported to Le Bonhuer in non-critical condition and the other in critical condition.
Lakisha Shorter, a woman police encountered while on the scene, flagged them down about a verbal altercation between her two children.

An officer entered the Cochese Road residence and began speaking with the child. Records show that Shorter allegedly attacked officers at that point, pushing and swinging at them.

According to an affidavit, the officer stated that the woman became angry and that backup was needed. Another officer attempted to detain the boy, but another boy jumped on his back and began punching him.

The first child was also hit by the officer when the second child began punching him.

According to MPD, all responding officers were hit and punched by the boys. Eventually, the Police arrested all three of them.

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital cleared both children of wrongdoing and sent them to Juvenile Court. Regional One and Jail East received Shorter before his transfer to Jail East.

Records show that Shorter is currently facing six counts of assaulting a first responder.