The market for red dot optics is getting more crowded by the week. This week we have a different brand of optic coming to us, one we don’t hear a lot about, that’s none other than Meopta. When I asked around and dropped the company’s name most people think they are based out of China like NC Star or some other brand. The truth is that Meopta is based out of two main locations, the headquarters along with the research and development arm of the company is based out of Prerov, which is in the Czech Republic. The manufacturing and assembly division of the company is based out of Long Island, New York, yes you read that correctly.

The folks at Meopta met with us during SHOT Show 2017 and promised to send us some gear to test and evaluate and they delivered in a big way. The Meopta MRAD 3.0 is the first of what we hope is many pieces of optical gear to make it into our hands. This isn’t a new offering from Meopta to the firearms market but it has a solid reputation so it was in our opinion a great starting point. Test and evaluate something that has a reputation for being solid and see if it’s all hype or if it’s the truth. We like simple optics that work well, and upon unboxing the Meopta MRAD 3.0 our initial impressions were that the company makes a well built heavy weight red dot. Lets take a look at the stats on the MRAD 3.0

Image:Rick Dembroski
Adjustment dials and battery storage shown

Specifications for Meopta MRAD 3.0 

Manufacturer: Meopta Sport Optics