The Meosight 3 is a miniature red dot optic, one of many that have recently hit the market. With the rising popularity of red dot equipped handguns I only expect to see more and more miniature red dots. The Meosight 3 is a teeny tiny optic that will fit perfectly on handguns, but I had a better idea. I’ve been rocking and rolling with my Mossberg 590 Shockwave for a few months now and have taken to applying a few upgrades here and there. One of these upgrades was a completely new sighting system. I figured we could test it’s mettle with a small, but powerful shotgun.


Meosight 3 Specs

The Meosight is superbly small and lightweight. It’s 1.1 inch tall and weighs a mere 1.31 ounces. It can attach to a variety of mounts, and I went with a quick detach picatinny mount on a stand pic rial on the rear of the receiver. The Meosight 3 features a 3 MOA red dot with 8 different levels of intensity. There is a single button to turn the optic on, turn it off, and increase and decrease the intensity. There is an automatic setting as well which adapts the reticle to the ambient light. The system runs off a single CR2032.

See the Dot?

One thing I found I really loved during my Meosight 3 review is the battery compartment. It’s a side-loading compartment that allows me to easily change the battery without having to remove the optic from my gun. The battery will run for 300 hours depending on the intensity level.


One of the easiest aspects of my Meosight review was zeroing the system. Small optics often have some odd and occasionally difficult means to zero optics. We zeroed using Aguila mini slugs at 30 yards. I did it off hand and I wasn’t trying to be super precise. I wanted simply wanted to consistently put slugs into the chest portion of a target. You got to turn two unlocking tabs a half turn before you make adjustments. You’ll also need a small flat head screwdriver to zero the optic.



Looking through the optic gives you a clear viewing port. The only distortion is around the edges of the lenses, you’ll notice it if you move your head to the edge of the optic. There is no discernible glare, and the optic has the MeoBright lens coating which is supposed to increase light transmission and reduce glare. Light transmission isn’t a big deal on one of these miniature red dots, but it’s perfectly sufficient.