Arcturus UAV reports that the Mexican Navy is using its T-20 JUMP fixed-wing, Vertical Takeoff, and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

The fixed-wing VTOL UAV, with an electro-optical/infrared payload, has been conducting unspecified operations since its procurement earlier this year, the California-based company said.

The T-20 JUMP is a VTOL variant of Arcturus’ catapult launched T-20 platform. It operates without any special launch or recovery equipment, has a gross payload capacity of 60 pounds and a 75-mile data link range. Fight endurance time of T-20 aircraft: between 11 and 15 hours, depending on variant.

Mexico has operated a fleet of catapult-launched T-20s since 2014.

Arcturus says it is offering the T-20 JUMP VTOL platform for a U.S. Special Operations Command and a heavy fuel version of the T-20 JUMP to the Royal Australian Navy.

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Featured Image – The T-20 JUMP unmanned aerial vehicle with Vertical Takeoff and Landing capability. Photo courtesy Acturus UAV