The Israeli government has officially declared war on Hamas and has authorized “significant military steps” in retaliation for the recent surprise attack by the militant group.

AP News reported Monday that the Israeli military continued its efforts to eliminate Hamas fighters in southern towns and intensified its bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

The toll from the conflict has surpassed 1,100 dead and so far left thousands wounded on both sides.

More than 40 hours after Hamas launched an unprecedented incursion from Gaza, Israeli forces were still engaged in battles with militants holed up in various locations. The death toll in Israel has climbed to over 700, a staggering number not seen in the country in decades. In Gaza, over 400 people have lost their lives.

Israel has deployed Special Forces to regain control of four sites, including two kibbutzim that were infiltrated by Hamas militants.

Video footage released by Israeli police showed intense exchanges of gunfire between Israeli forces and Hamas militants.