Mike Pence arrived in Colombia on August 13 to start a six-day, four-country tour.

His trip was dominated by reaction to President Donald Trump’s August 11 comments about a US “military option” in response to the turmoil in Venezuela.

Pence was more measured than Trump when discussing the issue, but governments in Colombia, Argentina, and Chile were quick to repudiate Trump’s comments during their meetings with Pence, and protesters met the vice president upon his arrival in Panama to voice their rejection of the president’s remarks about Venezuela.

But Pence’s efforts to get countries in the region on board with another US foreign-policy goal — isolating the Kim Jong Un regime in North Korea — also appeared to founder.

“The US places great importance on the ongoing diplomatic isolation of the Kim regime and we strongly urge Chile today, and we urge Brazil, Mexico, and Peru to break all diplomatic and commercial ties to North Korea,” Pence said in Chile during a press conference with President Michelle Bachelet.


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Featured image courtesy of Columbian Presidency.