When Michaela Nicole Emert recently arrived one morning at Navy Medicine Readiness Training Unit Everett, she was a hospital corpsman second class petty officer.

She departed that same day as a commissioned officer in the Navy’s Medical Service Corps.

For Emert, becoming a laboratory officer not only advances her chosen career specialty on an upward path, it also continues a legacy of military service in her family.

“My father was in the Army as a combat medic and my grandfather was in the Navy as a Seabee. With the desire to meld the two worlds, I signed up for the Navy as a hospital corpsman,” said Emert, from Ogden, Utah, and a 2012 graduate from Admiral Arthur W. Radford High School, Honolulu, Hawaii.

She also began her Navy career in 2012. “I knew from the start I wanted to be a hospital corpsman and wouldn’t settle for anything else,” added Emert.

I grew up living a nomadic lifestyle, moving around the Midwest,” continued Emert. “I loved it as a child. When my father joined the Army, we ended up moving to Hawaii. My mother told me when I enlisted that I would tell people around me I was always to join the military. Every generation of my family has had someone in the military. I wanted to be no different.”

That dedication lead her to be assigned as an advanced medical laboratory technician and the assistant lead petty officer of NMRTU Everett’s Primary Care department.

It was in the laboratory environment – critical in helping to identify cancers, diseases and afflictions through testing – where she found herself engrossed. Her interest originated at Navy Medicine Readiness Training Command San Diego and has further blossomed at her current duty station.