Senate Armed Services Chairman Jack Reed, D-R.I., spoke during a conference this week and called out the White House, Congress, and military leaders who are politicizing the military. Reed said these attacks and division do not help the military move forward and ask for an apolitical perspective on matters of defense.

“There is a long tradition within the American military of being apolitical, which is essential for our democracy and civilian control of the military,” Reed said.

“Yet some have chosen to publicly disparage our military leaders for political purposes by generating a sense of outrage and indignation. While such attacks may serve a short-term political agenda, int he long run it damages our national interest by eroding trust within the ranks, sowing doubt within our civil society and benefiting our adversaries.”

Reed highlights these challenges in the wake of the great divisive era in America. The senator added that his concerns revolve around the military’s inclusion in these vicious public fights.