SOFREP has just reported about the pay cuts for Air Force recruiters that amounts to $900 in losses in their annual salary. We have also extensively covered the marketing problem in the military’s recruitment and the massive challenge of different US military branches failing to hit recruitment numbers for years since the Iraq war. Still, we have learned that military recruitment woes are not stopping there.

According to the newly released 2023 Budget Estimates from the Department of the Air Force, they are cutting the pay of some of the most dangerous jobs in the department.

“The Military Personnel, Air Force Appropriate provides financial resources to compensate active military personnel…The budget activity structure and detailed justification demonstrate how the military personnel program is controlled.”

With their new budget, hundreds of active service members will see pay cuts to their Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP). The implementation starts as soon as Oct. 1. These monthly pay cuts range from $74 to $450, which totals $900 to $5400 in annual cuts. These extra incentives were reportedly set “to compensate enlisted service members who serve in extremely difficult duties.”