Walking the grounds of Levi’s Stadium prior to Super Bowl 50, one thing became abundantly clear: No expense was spared on security.

The event was crawling with security guards, police and military of all shapes and sizes, including imposing camouflaged Humvees with roof gun mounts, troops in fatigues holding automatic rifles and jet-black Homeland Security assault vehicles circling the perimeter. Helicopters circled above and police checkpoints intercepted any car attempting to approach the stadium.

The Super Bowl was designated a Level 1 Homeland Security event, garnering the highest level of security and personnel. Metal detectors were everywhere. Fans and staff, alike, were frisked, checked and double-checked before entering through security checkpoints.

At one point, near the media entrance to the event, a column of military personnel could be seen marching into the interior of the stadium security zone, boots clomping, weapons in hand.

Considering the recent events in Paris and San Bernardino, it was no surprise to see this level of security presence. But it was unsettling, just the same — a true sign of the times we live in.

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