U.S. military officials are considering whether to upgrade nearly 1,400 combat valor awards earned by troops throughout the past 15 years, a number that is significantly higher than the Pentagon initially projected.

The review began in January, when Defense Secretary Ash Carter voiced concern about whether personnel have been recognized properly for their heroic actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and on other battlefields that are less clearly defined. At that time, officials indicated the review would focus on approximately 1,100 awards, including about 1,000 Silver Stars and about 100 service crosses.

But since then, the individual services identified a total of 1,357 medals that qualify for another look, according to Air Force Maj. Ben Sakrisson, a Pentagon spokesman. Specifically, the Army is reviewing 785 Silver Star and Distinguished Service Cross awards; the Navy Department, which includes the Marine Corps, is reviewing 425 Navy Crosses and Silver Stars; and the Air Force is reviewing 147 Silver Stars and Air Force Crosses.

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Image courtesy of US Marine Corps