“I am thankful for my family for supporting me, even if they aren’t here,” said Spc. Teodolfo Talaro, a Soldier with 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment “Tomahawks”. “I’m thankful for the motivation they give me and for giving me strength.”

Originally from the Philippines, Talaro sends his Thanksgiving wishes home to his family. Their motivation and support led him to join the Army, a choice that significantly impacted his life and future goals.

“My dad was in the Navy, and he told me if I join the Army, it’ll be good for my future and gaining U.S. citizenship,” Talaro said. “After joining, I realized the Army is not a bad career to be in, so I’ve decided to reenlist. The people and the unit are great, and there are a lot of travel opportunities.”

Currently, Talaro works as a wheeled vehicle mechanic. He chose to be a mechanic in the Army to have skills that are useful in his day-to-day life.