The latest zombie apocalypse movie comes from an unusual source — military veterans with little to no filmmaking experience. But the official trailer for “Range 15” is already approaching 5 million views on Facebook, a month ahead of the military comedy’s release.

Social media and crowdsourcing have helped the film’s creators tap into a loyal and enthusiastic fan base among the veteran community.

“We started an Indiegogo campaign with the goal of raising $350,000 to supplement funds that we had raised ourselves, as well as some sponsors,” producer Nick Palmisciano told “Over the course of a couple months, we ended up raising $1.2 million.”

“Range 15” gets its name from two veteran-owned apparel companies. Palmisciano is CEO of Ranger Up. The film’s co-producer Mat Best is CEO of Article 15.

“We are competitors. But the thing about the military community is we’re also friends,” Palmisciano said. “And because of that, we came to the conclusion that we could both make a movie separately, but that movie would not be anywhere near as good as what we could do together. And it’s been a perfect fit.”

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Image courtesy of Army Times