Over the course of time I have settled on a no-bullshit small minimalist cleaning/maintenance kit for my Glock that goes into my range bag. This small kit is the result of my military service, many years of going to my local range and attending shooting courses. This kit contains everything I need and nothing I don’t. I can handle just about any maintenance task for my Glock short of a catastrophic frame or slide failure.

The pouch I chose to house my kit is the proven military surplus M16 cleaning kit pouch. I selected this pouch because it was small and streamlined, but still allowed me enough room to keep the essentials on hand.

Minimalist Glock cleaning kit for your range bag
The interior is broken down into two pockets

I’m going to break the contents down into 2 sections; Cleaning and Maintenance.


Minimalist Glock cleaning kit for your range bag
Contents for cleaning my firearm
  • Hoppe’s 9mm bore snake – I prefer the snake over the traditional bore brushes. During my cleaning process I snake the barrel twice and call it done. Extremely quick and effective.
  • Weapon Shield CLP Pen – Hands down the most reliable CLP I’ve ever used on my firearms
  • Double ended M16 cleaning brush – The best cleaning brush for firearms. Get one!
  • Hoppe’s Cleaning rag
  • 1” square cotton patches


Minimalist Glock cleaning kit for your range bag
Maintenance tools and spare parts
  • Front sight tool & Rear sight punch – I’ve acquired a few of these from the XS Big Dot sight kits
  • Glock disassembly tool – If you have a Glock then you probably have one of these
  • Spare Barrel – I go between the OEM barrel and my Wilson Combat Match barrel.
  • Spare Recoil Spring – It’s lightweight, takes up little to no space and I have it, so why not carry it


This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.