It seems like only yesterday I opened up a box with a bundle of items for review having been sent over from Mission First Tactical(MFT).  Turns out it’s been a couple of months since I’ve started using their Minimalist stock, Engage V2 grip and SCPM556 mags, with most of those products slated to show up in the final segment of my ultra-light rifle build series.  During this time, I’ve taken MFT’s Battlelink Utility rifle stock and used it on three different AR-15’s.  Here’s the rundown:

Mission First Tactical's Battlelink Utility Stock | Beard Friendly

The Battlelink is constructed from a reinforced polyamide, giving it a nice strength-to-weight ratio.  The buttpad has an angled bottom section, giving a more comfortable low carry as well as reducing snags in jackets or shirts.  The Utility stock has three sling slots and two quick detach (QD) mounting points as well.  Those QD hardpoints allow attachment of accessories such as a Garmin 401 GPS or an adjustable cheekrest.  The “Utility” portion of the name comes from the utility compartment, found in the rear of the stock after popping open the hinged buttpad.  There’s a little foam block in there to eliminate rattle if you aren’t filling up the entire compartment.  At 7.3″ long and 9 oz of weight, the Utility stock packs a lot into a reasonable package.

Mission First Tactical's Battlelink Utility Stock | Beard Friendly
Photo courtesy of Mission First Tactical

So how does it shoot?  Much like the Minimalist stock also made by MFT, it just works.  No frills or thrills, just solid execution of a streamlined layout.  The angled buttpad is deft in its execution and comfortable to shoot.  The adjustment lever moves easily but doesn’t leave any slop in the stock.  You have options galore regarding sling and accessory mounting.  The cheek-to-stock weld is comfortable.  The storage compartment is big enough to hold a cleaning kit or spare batteries.  Best of all? the Utility stock is beard friendly as well.  I’ve ditched a few nice stocks from well-reputed manufacturers because every time I took my cheek off the stock a small bundle of chin whiskers would remain.

In short, the Battlelink Utility stock is a fine offering from Mission First Tactical.  The design is sharp, the edges aren’t.  The strength is high, the weight ain’t.  The stock performs just as well as one could ask for.  Versatility, reliability and comfort all in one.  The Utility stock sells for $99.99 and is worth every penny.