Defense Expert Rob Lee and The Kyiv Independent Defense reporter Illia Ponomarenko have recently revealed that the Ukrainians have handed the Russians the first combat loss of a Russian T-90M tank in Kharkiv after just being deployed.

The destruction of the T-90Ms, specifically the T-90M Breakthrough 3 (Proryv-3), is another source of embarrassment for the Russians and will likely be another blow to Russian morale. According to Russian defense experts, this variant was the most modern Russian tank in service, which means that the most capable Russian tanks were now being destroyed by Ukrainians with their western-supplied Javelins, NLAWs, Panzerfaust 3s, and their very own Stugna-Ps, leaving their most prized tanks vulnerable to Ukrainian hit-and-run tactics. Perhaps more recently, Russian tanks have also been destroyed by these unique Ukrainian Stug-buggies (ATVs with Stugna-Ps mounted on top).

What’s worse is that Russia has a reputation for claiming that its weapons and equipment are “top-notch.” It would seem so as they previously claimed that T-90 tanks and their respective variants could withstand anti-tank missiles. In fact, its main selling point was that it had increased survivability as it was equipped with Shtora-1 active protection systems and new Kontakt-5 armor.