Everyday carry gear needs to be practical, comfortable to carry and able to be retained on the body during physical activity. One way to shake things out is to workout with your EDC gear on your person. If at the end of your workout you have a garage sale of gear lying on the ground or are extremely uncomfortable, then it’s time to change things up. We can have all the coolest everyday carry gear on us, but if we cannot move quickly with that gear, then our survivability comes into question.

Kyle Defoor, who I have trained with in the past, regularly goes on his runs and performs his pull-up routine with his EDC gear on him. This accomplishes a few things when you do this. First it allows you to shake out what works and what doesn’t as I mentioned above. Second it allows you to become more comfortable with your gear which increases your confidence in having to shoot, move and communicate with it.

Here is what I have found works for me. I have done several workouts with this gear on and have found these items to work for me.

In the following video we see Pat McNamara of TMACS going over his EDC and the importance of being able to remain mobile with that gear. Pat McNamara spent over 20 years (all in Special Operations) in the Army, so he knows a thing or two on moving with your gear while maintaining concealment. Mobility equals Survivability. Now is the time to figure out what works for you before you find yourself in a life threatening situation.

Video courtesy of TMACS Inc.

Can you identify what EDC gear Pat McNamara is using in this video?