The country of Sweden is world renown for the durability and quality construction of their hand tools, especially their axes, and knives. In fact some Swedish manufactures have been in existence since the late 17th century when America was still a colony of the British. The northern reaches of the country routinely see temperatures as low as -30*F in the winter, so when I see a knife like the one we are reviewing today that is designed and tested in the Swedish Arctic, I know it’s a serious knife that can take a beating and still perform. Today we have been fortunate enough to be sent the Morakniv Garberg, a fixed blade knife that is built with serious bushcraft in mind.

I live in Alaska, and the climate here is roughly the same as Sweden, so I have first-hand experience when it comes to understanding the effects of the cold on gear.  I also know how important a good fixed blade can be while hiking, camping or hunting. When I was offered the knife to review I will admit I knew very little about Morakniv aside from its Swedish and that the pile of Swedish axes I have is made of some of the toughest materials on earth and hold an edge a remarkably long time. The Garberg by Morakniv is built strong, and simple and works incredibly well, think of it as a Volvo of the knife world. It may not shock you with being overly stylish or graceful with lots of glamour, but it is simple and it just flat out works all the time. Before we go too far let’s look at the Garberg knife and break it down by the numbers and specifications.

Morakniv Garberg: The best knife for bushcraft and survival?
Image: Garberg features a full length stainless steel tang seen here
Photo:Rick Dembroski


Manufacturer: Morakniv

Model: Garberg

Place of Manufacture: Nusnas, Sweden

Overall Length: 9.0″ (229 mm)

Blade Length: 4.3″ (109 mm)