There’s a difference between respecting cultural differences and turning a blind eye to child rape, which has become the accepted norm for U.S. Forces and NGOs operating in Afghanistan. Close to a Trillion U.S. tax payer dollars have been sunk into Afghanistan in over a decade of occupation, and what have we really accomplished? We will leave the Taliban firmly in charge, and with the impression that our moral compass points in all directions.

SOFREP agrees with Congressman Hunter who is quoted below in the Los Angeles Times. The Army colonel’s statement is proof that there’s a major fracture in internal leadership culture that permits an environment where child rape is acceptable in trade for building rapport with monsters, and good men get relieved of duty instead of promoted up the ranks.

This is a moral injury for America.

But an Army colonel this week was quoted in the Daily Beast news website saying of Martland and Quinn, “They put their team’s life at risk by doing what they did, by risking catastrophic loss of rapport” with local Afghan officials.

Hunter (Congressman and former USMC Officer) responded: “To say that you’ve got to be nice to the child rapist because otherwise the other child rapists might not like you is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard — totally insane and wrong.”