Fifteen months into it, the war in Ukraine remains intense, with advancing Russian forces continuing to shell most of the former’s eastern region. The death toll and the destruction of infrastructure continue to rise as Ukrainian troops fight back despite running low on weapons, ammunition, and soldiers.

The State Department recently approved a potential arms sale of the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) to support Ukraine’s continuing fight against the Russian invasion.

The foreign military sale will include one AN/MPQ-64F1 Sentinel Radar, a Fire Distribution Center, canister launchers, and other related equipment. Raytheon System, the manufacturer of the NASAMS, will also provide technical and logistical support, bringing the estimated price tag of the proposed deal to $285 million.

Ukraine requested about eight NASAMS systems from the American defense contractor to strengthen its weakened air defense against Russian aerial assaults and protect Ukrainian troops and civilians, particularly in the hot zones.

The additional arms sale of the NASAMS system is a significant development in the war in Ukraine, and it could further help to tip the balance in favor of the Ukrainian military. In November 2022, the US first announced that it would provide the country with two NASAMS, which had already arrived earlier this year.