According to a Ukrainian general, better-trained Russian soldiers are arriving at the battle line.

The commander of Ukrainian ground forces, General Oleksander Syrskyi, told Sky News that Moscow’s recent mobilization has increased Russia’s military menace in Ukraine. Still, Moscow is now using a lot of old equipment because it is having difficulty restocking its supplies.

“On the eastern front, the situation is very tense, the enemy attacks our units every day,” he said.

“Such a number of personnel increased the threat for us and these are not just words — these are new brigades, new battalions that have been trained, this is the replenishment that the Army was waiting for because it was exhausted.

“Those who come now have a better level of training than those who were previously sent to the front,” he added.

However, the general said that despite the increased threat, Russian forces have made slow progress around the town of Bakhmut, one of the main battle zones in eastern Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin
(Source: Presidential Executive Office of Russia/Wikimedia)

In September, Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilization of around 300,000 reservists to bolster his forces in Ukraine. Because of the shelling, Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s national electricity provider, announced fresh power cuts in all regions.

In addition, Ukraine worked to restore power after Russia’s latest missile barrage caused power outages across the nation. President Volodymyr Zelensky said that “most” of the missiles were intercepted.