The tension between the former Cold War adversaries continues to thicken as Russia recently suspended the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty or New START. Shortly afterward, a Russian military journal article surfaced, suggesting that now is the time for the Kremlin to create a new military strategy built around nuclear weapons. Further stressing its significance in defense against a “possible US aggression.”

Use of Nuclear Weapons as Self-Defense

According to Reuters, the military journal included in its report Thursday that Washington had shown palpable worries of losing its global dominance, therefore, “apparently” preparing a plan to strike Moscow to neutralize such a threat.

In response, some Russian specialists began “actively developing a promising form of the strategic use of the Russian armed forces – an operation of strategic deterrence forces,” RIA news agency states, published via Voennaya Mysl (Military Thought) magazine on March 2.

It continued: “… presupposes the use of modern strategic offensive and defensive, nuclear and non-nuclear weapons, taking into account the latest military technologies.”

Moreover, the RIA article underlined that Moscow should find a way to demonstrate its strength to Washington and how the latter could not “cripple” the former’s nuclear missile systems. Additionally, any retaliatory strike against its powerful arsenals would be impossible to fend off.

Weeks after Russia launched its “special military operation” on Ukraine a year ago, the threat of nuclear war has become a recurring theme. What seems to be a thing of the past was brought to the present day when Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the country’s nuclear forces onto high alert.

While Putin did not publicly mention the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, this has otherwise invoked fears among the global community, particularly the West. Nonetheless, he later said in a September 21 message that the West was plotting “to weaken, divide, and eventually destroy our country,” accusing its adversaries of “nuclear blackmail.” Thus, he deemed it appropriate to respond on how Russia would use “all available means,” including its lethal arsenal, to protect his country and people.

(Screengrab via President of Russia)

The Kremlin leader has maintained this narrative since it remains vague on what an “attack” means for the country to warrant a nuclear response.