The tension between the former Cold War adversaries continues to thicken as Russia recently suspended the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty or New START. Shortly afterward, a Russian military journal article surfaced, suggesting that now is the time for the Kremlin to create a new military strategy built around nuclear weapons. Further stressing its significance in defense against a “possible US aggression.”

Use of Nuclear Weapons as Self-Defense

According to Reuters, the military journal included in its report Thursday that Washington had shown palpable worries of losing its global dominance, therefore, “apparently” preparing a plan to strike Moscow to neutralize such a threat.

In response, some Russian specialists began “actively developing a promising form of the strategic use of the Russian armed forces – an operation of strategic deterrence forces,” RIA news agency states, published via Voennaya Mysl (Military Thought) magazine on March 2.

It continued: “… presupposes the use of modern strategic offensive and defensive, nuclear and non-nuclear weapons, taking into account the latest military technologies.”