With over 37 million units produced since its development in the late 19th Century, it is no secret that Mosin-Nagant rifles are one of the world’s most popular military surpluses that even well into the 21st Century, the historical firearm remains to be among the most used rifles.

If you happen to find this iconic bolt-action firearm well-tucked somewhere in the attic or basement of your ancestral house, you might have wondered about its worth. That or you’re just a curious/avid collector planning to add the Mosin-Nagant to your collections.

The Russian-made five-shot bolt-action military rifle, officially known as the “three-line rifle M1891” and informally nicknamed “Mosin’s rifle” by former Soviet Union forces, has been around for more than 130+ years, and its vast number of units available had significantly impacted its value. But what about 2022? How much would a Mosin-Nagant cost today?

Short answer: Not much.

Long answer: It depends. Accordingly, one rifle can be valued anywhere from $300 to nearly $2000, depending on factors such as model, condition, rarity, accessories/modifications, and history—almost all historical pieces fall into the same criteria when determining their worth in the market. But most especially for rifles, model rarity, odd modifications, and the story behind its previous owners are quite the factors being thoroughly considered when naming the price.

Brief History Recap of the Mosin Nagant

The year was 1882. Fresh out of the Russo-Ottoman War, the Russian government sought to equip its men with rifles capable of firing more than one bullet at a time. They had suffered severe casualties against the Turkish troops who were bearing repeating rifles, and with lessons taken from the previous war, Russian commanders aimed to modernize their general infantry weapon. As a result, a call for a new firearm was issued shortly after, and three designs were submitted by 1889, including Captain Sergei Ivanovich Mosin’s .30 caliber 7.62mm rifle.

Russian Forces with Mosin-Nagant
Russian Imperial infantry of World War I armed with Mosin–Nagant rifles circa 1917. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

After thorough deliberation, Mosin’s “3-line” rifle was eventually approved, and by 1891, the internal multi-round magazine feed firearm was placed into mass production and into the hands of the Russian and Soviet Union forces. Throughout the years, the Mosin-Nagant rifle saw action in many wars, was used by soldiers from various countries, and was manufactured outside Russia beginning in the early 1900s when there was a rifle shortage due to a lack of a well-developed domestic defense industry capability in the region.

The bolt-action rifle became a legendary icon after aiding arms soldiers during World War I, World War II, Civil Wars, Korean War, Vietnam War, War in Afghanistan, Iraq War, and even some military services worldwide today.