I am naturally a shotgunner. A shotgun was my first firearm, a 410 Remington 870 when I was 8 years old. I’ve used shotguns for hunting, for trap shooting, and was one of the few people in my platoon who knew how to operate a pump shotgun. I am always looking to add to my shotgun collection, which currently includes, pump actions, double barrels, single shots, and even a bolt action shotgun. What my collection didn’t have was a semi-auto shotgun. The Mossberg 930 SPX seemed to fit all the needs I have in a tactical shotgun, and it just happened to be semi-auto. I haven’t had a lot of experience with semi-automatic shotguns, but the Mossberg called my name.

Mossberg 930 Features

The Mossberg 930 SPX is capable of firing both 2 ¾ and 3 inch rounds. The SPX holds 7 rounds in the tube and is fitted with a Choate extended magazine tube. The main weakness of a shotgun is the low ammunition capacity, so every extra round can help up to a point. When you go beyond 7 to 8 rounds you start adding a lot of additional weight to the front of the weapon. It is my belief that shotguns should be kept as light as possible. The reason being is that close range is what the shotgun is designed for, and speed is critical for being successful at close range.