The 590 Shockwave exists due to the best loophole. There exists a realm in American firearms law that allows for a non-NFA Mossberg 500 with 14-inchch barrel to exist. Without going into too deep into the why a Mossberg 590 that has never had a stock attached to it, and is longer than 26 inches is not considered a shotgun and considered a firearm. This puts the weapon’s legal definition as a firearm and not a shotgun. So barrel length isn’t an issue as long as the overall length is longer than 26 inches and it lacks a stock.

Some New Mossberg Shorties

Feeding the 590 Shockwave

Mossberg’s 590 shockwave makes use of the Shockwave pistol grip to extend the length to the required. Mossberg’s little cannon is quite the hand full but is also quite handy. Shooting it at the range we loaded with Aguila mini shells and some standard birdshot and had at it.

The Aguila mini shells fed because of a simple snap-in device called the Opsol Mini clip. This simple device makes the 590 Shockwave run like a champ with the little shells. Those little 1.75 inch shells double the weapon’s capacity.

While I’ve yet to run it with standard buckshot the 590 Shockwave feel comfortable and is easy to use. I bothered the fine folks at Mossberg for some, pestering them with questions about the Shockwave. My main focus was one price. Mossberg assured us the 590 Shockwave would be quite affordable and would hover around 400 bucks.

Shooting it was a blast, quite literally. The shotgun will hold a total of 5 + 1 round of 2.75 inch shells. This is a compact and powerful package. It has some of the same disadvantageous of a standard pistol grip pump but has the strength of being a shorter more compact package.

The Mossberg 590 Shockwave is one I’ll surely keep my eyes and wallet opened for.

Mossberg 590 Shockwave

Gauge        12 Gauge
Chamber   3 inches
Capacity    6
Barrel         14 inches
Weight       5.3 lbs
Length       26.37