Mothers Day is coming up on us fast and finding a ‘practical’ gift can sometimes be a challenge, especially for us guys. Instead of buying flowers or a plant that will eventually die (they do in my house), why not get her a gift that can be used on a regular basis that reminds her of your love and thoughtfulness. Bottle Breacher is offering several products for Mothers Day this year as well as some new women’s apparel and a wine bottle breacher. Check’em out!

First off they offer the traditional bottle breacher, but with a Mothers Day twist to it.

Mothers Day Gift Idea | Bottle Breacher
These are available in several colors as seen in the featured photo.

Next up is their Freedom Frag. These are inert grenades that they have repurposed into bad-ass bottle openers. These too have a Mothers Day twist added to them.

Mothers Day Gift Idea | Bottle Breacher

I know several women who enjoy a good glass of wine at the end of a long day or during special occasions. Why not give them a unique way of opening that wine bottle with a 50 Cal Wine Breacher.

Mothers Day Gift Idea | Bottle Breacher

How to breach a door using a shotgun

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Finally, Bottle Breacher has released a new line of apparel for women.

Mothers Day Gift Idea | Bottle Breacher

If you’re looking for that unique gift that is both practical as well as a great conversation starter, then take a look at what Bottle Breacher has to offer. They are a Veteran owned and operated business, which is a huge win for me. Support your wife and/or mother on this Mothers Day as well as a small Veteran owned business.

*Photos courtesy of Bottle Breacher

This article was originally published on The Loadout Room and written by Scott Witner